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Journal of Field Ornithology - Editorial Assistance

The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) offers a free service assisting authors of ornithological articles who are not native speakers of English. The goal of the Editorial Assistance Program (EAP) is to enable and encourage Latin American and other ornithologists to publish their work in widely read international journals. This is not a translation service, however. Manuscripts must be written in English (even if flawed), and an AFO volunteer will work with the authors to refine the writing into idiomatic English appropriate for scientific publication. It is often useful for the English version to be accompanied by one in the authors' native language. It is important to realize that scientific content will not generally be addressed through this program, rather only suggestions for improving clarity and grammar will be provided. While submission of appropriate articles to the AFO's own Journal of Field Ornithology is encouraged, it is not required for this program. In fact, editors of English-language ornithological journals are encouraged to direct manuscripts to this service when it can improve an article's chance of acceptance. The EAP has created a database of AFO members willing to assist authors with their manuscripts. If interested in helping out as a volunteer with this program, please contact the EAP Coordinator. All inquiries from authors about manuscripts should be directed to Daniel M. Brooks, EAP Coordinator, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Houston Museum of Natural Science, One Herman Circle Drive, Houston, Texas 77030-1799, USA (phone +1 713-639-4776), e-mail dbrooks@hmns.org. Electronic submission of manuscripts to the EAP Coordinator via an email attachment is strongly encouraged.

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